The Society

  • Established in Rome 2010
  • Registered in Tallinn 2011
  • BFS meeting in Stockholm 2011
  • BFS meeting in Istanbul 2012
  • BFS meeting in London 2013

 „Baltic Fertility Society – why do we need it?”

The Aims of Baltic Fertility Society:

  • To promote the professional skills of BFS members (MDs, embryologists, scientists, nurses, administrators and all other people interested);
  • To promote cooperation and exchange of ideas within the Baltic countries in the field of assisted reproduction;
  • To organize at least 1 meeting annually;
  • To provide and assist quality assurance issues in the field of ART
  • To raise ethical, political and health related issues in ART
  • To support educational efforts in ART area

President of Baltic Fertility Society

Prof. Andres Salumets

Board Members of Baltic Fertility Society:

  • Audronė Usonienė, gynecologist – reproductologist, Lithuania
  • Živilė Čerkienė, embryologist, Lithuania
  • Andris Grunskis, embryologist, Quality Systems Manager (according to ISO9001:2008 and EUTCD), Latvia
  • Valerija Godunova, gynecologist – reproductologist, Latvia
  • Trošin Aleksander, laboratory medicine physician – embryologist, Estonia
  • Deniss Sõritsa, gynecologist – reproductologist, Estonia